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Intro to Sticky Wicket

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We recommend reading the Rules tab while watching the video, then read through the FAQ to get a full understanding of the game.


The Variations tab contains different versions or rules of Sticky Wicket recognized by Pro Beer Sports.

Game Rules

-Sticky Wicket is a game of athleticism, reflexes, and quick beer consumption.


-The game field is set up similar to beer pong.


-Insead of a rack of cups, the players have beer cans stacked in front of them.


-Two full beer cans are set side by side. An empty beer can is set on top of those.


-A player from each team plays Rock-Papper-Scissors for who gets first shot.


-The team with first Shot only shoots one ball.


-Each team has three unopened cans of beer at the start of the game.


-Once first shot is determined, all players open one can of beer.


-When a player is up to shoot, they throw a beer pong ball at the triangle of beer cans.


-If the shots hits any part of the three cans, the shooter begins chugging a beer.


-Defenders retrieve the ball, put it on their quarter of the table, and yell "OUT!".


-If the shot knocked the top can off, it must be replaced before yelling 'Out'.


-The two defenders can throw the ball to each other.


-Once the defender has yelled 'Out!', the chugger must stop chugging.


-A shooter cannot chug out of more than one can per shot.


-If players spill any of their team beers, the other team drinks equal to what was spilled.


-If 'Out!' is called without having the ball or can being replaced, shooter takes one drink.


-First team to empty their three cans wins.


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