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Intro to Sink the Biz:

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We recommend reading the Rules tab while watching the video, then read through the FAQ to get a full understanding of the game.


The Variations tab contains different versions or rules of Flip Cup recognized by Pro Beer Sports.

Who Goes First?

-One player from each team compete in Rock-Paper-Scissors. The winner gets to pick which team goes first. The team that goes first pours first.


Game Rules

-Sink the Biz is a game of steady hands, mental concentration, and confidence.


-Each team stands around a table alternating teammates 'ABABAB' style.


-In the middle of the table is a bucket of beer with a glass floating in the beer.


-Each player has a full beer to start the game.


-The objective of the game is to make your oppenent sink the glass in the beer.


-All players except the person pouring must stand away from the table.


-If a player hits the table and causes the glass to sink, their team gets a strike.


-The player up to pour can pour as much of their beer into the glass as they want


-A Pour must be a stream, no matter how small. If it's not a stream, you must repour.


-When a pour is over, the player to the left has 30 seconds before they must pour.


-The process is repeated until someone sinks the glass into the beer.


-If your pour sinks the glass, you must pick up the glass and chug the beer inside.


-Put the empty glass into the bucket of beer. If it's not floating, add beer to the bucket.


-When someone on your team sinks the glass, your team gets a strike.


-First team to give the other team 3 strikes wins.

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