Intro to Quarters:

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We recommend reading the Rules tab while watching the video, then read through the FAQ to get a full understanding of the game.


The Variations tab contains different versions or rules of Flip Cup recognized by Pro Beer Sports.

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1v1 Quarters


Who Goes First?

-One player from each team compete in Rock-Paper-Scissors. The winner gets to pick which team goes first.


Game Rules

-Quarters is a head to head quarter bouncing showdown.


-Rock-Paper-Scissors will be used to determine who goes first.


-The player that goes first tries to bounce their quarter into the cup.


-If the first player hits, the second player can also hit to negate the shot.


-When the cup is hit and the other player does not negate, the first player scores 1 point.


-When a player fails to negate a hit, they drink.


-First player to successfully get 3 points wins the round.


-The game is a best of 3 round series. First player to win 2 rounds, wins.

Game Rules

-Turbo Quarters is a game of concentration, beer drinking, and speed.


-The objective of the game is to bounce as many quarters as you can into a cup and finish a beer within 60 seconds.


-Two players from each team stand facing their teammate.


-Each player has a bowl of quarters and a mug filled with 12oz of beer.


-Beers must be untouched and on the table until the game officially starts.


-When the game starts, every player has 60 seconds to bounce quarters and drink their beer.


-Players may drink while they bounce quarters of take turns drinking and bouncing.


-If either teammate doesn’t finish their beer by the end of the 60 seconds, their team is disqualified.


-At the end of the 60 seconds, each team’s cup will be counted. The team with the most quarters in their cup wins.



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