Intro to Ponghole:

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We recommend reading the Rules tab while watching the video, then read through the FAQ to get a full understanding of the game.


The Variations tab contains different versions or rules of Ponghole recognized by Pro Beer Sports.

Game Rules

-Ponghole is a game of finesse, form, and accuracy.


-The objective of the game is to hit all six holes before the opposing team.


-The game field is setup similar to “Cornhole” or “Bags”.


-Instead of one hole on the board, there are six holes in a triangle shape similar to beer pong.


-Teammates stand on the same side of the field, one on each side of the board.


-Teams play Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who throws first. Winning team picks who throws first. Team that throws first throws one bag.


-Teams take turns throwing two bags. Each teammate throws one bag per round like in beer pong.


-When a bag goes through one of the holes, that hole is covered with a plug.


-When a team hits the last remaining hole, the other team has a chance for a rebuttal.


-The rebuttal is the chance for the team that had their last hole hit to take the game to overtime.


-The team that had their last hole hit take turns throwing until they either hit all their remaining holes or miss.


-If the team misses without hitting all the remaining holes during the rebuttal, they lose.


-If the team hits all the remaining holes during the rebuttal, the game goes to overtime.


-In overtime, all holes are plugged except the top middle hole.


-Team that hit the last hole first, shoots first in overtime.


-During overtime, only one throw per team until somebody cannot match.

(Ex: "Team A" Player 1 >> "Team B" Player 1 >> "Team A" Player 2 >> "Team B" Player 2)


-Players must alternate shots during overtime.


-In overtime, first team to hit the hole without the other team being able to match wins.


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