Intro to Flong:

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We recommend reading the Rules tab while watching the video, then read through the FAQ to get a full understanding of the game.


The Variations tab contains different versions or rules of Flong recognized by Pro Beer Sports.

Game Rules

-Flong is played similarly to Beer Pong, except with a cup flipping element.


-The objective of the game is to hit the last cup with a shot and for your team's flipper to win the flip at the same time.


-Each team must decide who will be the two shooters and who will be the one flipper.


-A shooter may permanently switch their flipper when their team has five or less cups.


-First shots are determined by a flip off between both team's flippers.


-Every time a cup is hit, the flippers pick up their cups off the table and have a flip off.


-Flip offs are when both flippers pick up their cups, drink the beer, then flip their cup.


-The team who lost the flip loses a cup.


-If both team players hit their shots, they get the balls back to shoot again.


-Players may bounce the ball instead of shooting. If successful, it counts as 2 cups.


-Players may swat away bounced shots with no consequence.


-Each player gets a single Island shot call. If successful, it counts as 2 cups.


-An Island cup is a single cup with no cups adjacent to it.


-If any cup other than the Island cup is hit, it doesn’t count.


-Every cup but the last cup can be removed by winning a flip.


-The only way to win is to hit the last cup then also have a successful flip.


-No rebuttal. Once the last cup has been hit with a winning flip, the game is over.


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