Intro to Baseball:

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We recommend reading the Rules tab while watching the video, then read through the FAQ to get a full understanding of the game.


The Variations tab contains different versions or rules of Baseball recognized by Pro Beer Sports.

Game Rules

-Brewball is the perfect combination of shooting pong balls, flipping cups, and America’s pastime.


-The objective of the game is to score more points than the opposing team.


-Brewall the drinking game follows the same rules and game flow as Baseball the sport.


-Each team decides a shooting order for who shoots first, second, etc. This order cannot be changed.


-Teams play Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who shoots first. The winner gets to pick. The team that shoots first is the “Away” team. The team that shoots second is the “Home” team.


-The table is set up with four cups lined up and centered in a straight line on both ends.


-These four cups represent hitting the ball for either a single, double, triple, or home run.


-Teams take turns shooting at these four cups in their team’s shooting order.


-Players are allowed to bounce the ball. This is called a “bunt”. If it goes in any of the four cups, it will only count as a single. A bounced ball cannot be swatted away; if it is swatted, it counts as a single (A walk).


-If a player intentionally blocks a shot, they can be ejected from the game.


-If a player from a team gets ejected from the game, they become an automatic “out” for their team.


-Every time a shot doesn’t go into one of the four cups, that is considered an “out”.


-When a team gets three “outs”, it becomes the other teams turn to shoot.


-Whoever was next to shoot when your team reached three “outs” goes first your next turn.


-There are three cups to each teams’ right equally spaced apart. These represent bases 1, 2, and 3 with 1st base being the closest cup to the shooting team.


-When a player shoots and hits the front cup, they hit a single and go stand next to the 1st base cup.


-When a player shoots and hits the second cup, they hit a double and go stand next to the 2nd base cup.


-When a player shoots and hits the third cup, they hit a triple and go stand next to the 3rd base cup.


-When a player shoots and hits the forth cup, they hit a home run and automatically score a point.


-Players already on base advance the same number of bases as the cup the shooter hit.


- When a player surpasses the 3rd base cup, their team scores a point.


-When a player is on base and standing next to their respective base cup, the defense must have a player standing directly across from the player on base.


-At any time, a player on base standing next to their base cup may pick up that cup, drink the beer, and attempt to flip that cup. This is called “stealing”.


-The defending player needs to be ready to do the same if their opposite cup is picked up.


-If the player on base can successfully flip their cup before the defender, they advance one base.


-You cannot “steal” more than one base at a time. You also cannot attempt to steal unless all cups have beer in them. It is the offenses responsibility to make sure all cups have beer in them.


- You cannot steal while the ball is in the air.


- You cannot shoot while someone is stealing.


- If the defender is able to successfully flip their cup before the player trying to steal, that player is no longer on base and their team gets an “out”.


-An “Inning” consists of both teams taking a turn shooting until they reach three “outs”.


- A game of baseball is played with up to 9 regular Innings.


- If the game is tied at the end of the regular play, the game goes to extra Innings until one team has more points than the other team at the end of an Inning.


-The team with the most points at the end of the last Inning wins.


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