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Beerlympics 2019


Pro Beer Sports is proud to invite you to Beerlympics 2019 on May 11th, 2019! This will be the 11th straight year of us hosting the Beerlympics and we're excited to announce that this year we will be giving away $1500 in cash prizes to the winners! Think you can play drinking games and drink beer with the best of them? Register your team of 4-5 for this year's Beerlympics and prove it! Games such as Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Cornhole, Quarters, and some new games are played to determine the champion. Each team needs to pick an available country and plan on coming dressed in that countries colors or themes. Teams pay $120 with a minimum of four and maximum of five per team. This includes venue fee and all the beer required for the games!


Stable Studios

Spencer, IN

Saturday May 11th, 2019

1:00pm EST


Teams are encouraged to come camp out the night before starting at 6:00pm EST and to camp after the Beerlympics ends. The games and camping are held inside a covered arena so weather will never be a problem. $5 for parking and camping for the whole weekend if not on a team.

Each game will use the official Pro Beer Sports rules. Click on a game to see the rules.



The winners of Beerlympics 2019 will receive cash prizes for their efforts! Pro Beer Sports will be giving away $1500 in cash prizes to the top teams!

(Payouts determined by number of entrants. Champions can't win less than $1000.)


Every year, the winning team is featured in the official Beerlympics highlights video!


Every year, one player is selected as that year's Beerlympics (MVP) Most Valuable Player and they are featured in the official Beerlympics highlights video!

We ask that when you register, please let us know which country you plan on coming as. We ask that you try to at the least wear that country's colors at the Beerlympics. The more themed you are, the more fun it is! Being dressed up is not mandatory, but you at least have to pick a country to be your team name.


Before you register as a country or come the day of dressed as a country, check the list of confirmed teams.


Tournament Bracket

(Bracket subject to change based on number of teams. Teams will be added as they pay and this bracket does not represent the actual Beerlympics bracket)

A massive Beerlay will be played at the start of the Beerlympics. This game will include all teams and will determine seeding for the actual Beerlympics bracket. Beerlympics bracket is single elimination. The team that comes in 1st in the Beerlay becomes the 1 seed, the team that comes in 2nd becomes the 2 seed, etc.


Teams will face off against another team in a best of 7 series (best of 5 in Round 1). In Round 1, all four games are picked back and forth by the two teams with the higher seed picking first. If the series is tied 2-2 after the four games ,it comes down to a 4v4 Mug Race. Each round after Round 1 contain two predetermined games. Each team will also get to pick two games each. The higher seeded team picks first and you cannot pick a game already scheduled for that round. If the series is tied 3-3 after six games, it comes down to a 4v4 Mug Race with one beer in each mug. The tournament will be single elimination.


The last two teams will play against each other in the Grand Finals. The Grand Finals are a best of 7 series. All six games are picked back and forth by the two teams in the Grand Finals. The team with the higher seed picks first. If the series is tied 3-3 after the six games, it comes down to a 4v4 Mug Race with Das Boot as the last mug. Das Boot contains 2 full beers. Winner of the Grand Finals wins the Beerlympics and the cash prize!





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