Intro to Flip Cup:

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We recommend reading the Rules tab while watching the video, then read through the FAQ to get a full understanding of the game.


The Variations tab contains different versions or rules of Flip Cup recognized by Pro Beer Sports.

Game Rules

-Teams send four players to compete in a timed relay highlighting the main Beerlympics skills.


-The relay consists of four sections. The sections will be known as A, B, C, and D.


-One player from your team will be stationed at each section.


-Each team starts with a closed can of beer being held by the station A player.


-During the relay, players will pass this closed can to the next teammate once their section is complete.


-Players may hold the can or set the can down while completing their section.


-The next person cannot start their section until the beer can has been handed to them.


-One full can of beer will be split to drink between the players at sections A, B, and C.


-The relay and the stopwatch clock will start when the ref yells “Go!”.


-Section A consists of drinking their 1/3 beer, then shooting pong balls at a full rack of pong cups.


-While the player is shooting, the section B player may retrieve their missed shots and throw them back.


-Once a single cup has been successfully hit, section A is over and the beer can may be passed.


-Section B consists of drinking their 1/3 beer from a flip cup and then successfully flipping the cup.


-Once the cup has been successfully flipped, section B is over and the beer can may be passed.


-Section C consists of drinking their 1/3 beer, then throwing bags at the open Ponghole board.


-The Ponghole board will be very close to the player, not regulation distance.


-While the player is throwing, the section D player may retrieve their missed bags and throw them back.


-Once one of the holes has been successfully hit, section C is over and the beer can may be passed.


-Section D consists of the player throwing a pong ball at the sticky wicket rack.


-The player must knock the empty top can off of the sticky wicket rack.


-When the top can is successfully knocked off, the played must open the closed beer can that has been

 passed throughout the relay and drink all of it.


-When the can is empty, the player must put the empty can on the sticky wicket table.


-Once the empty can hits the table, section D is over and the stopwatch clock stops.


-If anyone spills too much of their beer instead of drinking it or leaves beer in their cup/can, the refs will add 10 second penalties based on the amount of spilled/leftover beer.


-The team with the fastest relay time will be the 1 seed of the Beerlympics, 2nd will be 2 seed, etc…



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