Beer Pong






Intro to Beer Pong:

Beer Pong is played on a table between two teams. Each team consists of two players and ten cups. The game is played by throwing ping pong balls across the table and into the opposing teams cups. Each round, both teammates get to shoot one ball. Each time a ball goes into a cup, that cup is removed from the game. The objective of the game is remove all ten cups of your opponents before they remove all your team's cups.

We recommend reading the Rules tab while watching the video, then read through the FAQ to get a full understanding of the game.


The Variations tab contains different versions or rules of Flip Cup recognized by Pro Beer Sports.

Who Goes First

-One player from each team compete in Rock-Paper-Scissors. The winner gets to pick which team goes first. The team that goes first shoots only one ball that round.


Game Rules

-If both teammates hit a cup, they get one ball back to shoot. Either teammate may take this extra shot.

-Maximum of three cups hit a round.

-Players may not bounce the ball instead of shooting.
-If the ball hits the table at all, it is a dead ball.
-If the ball hits eliminated cups or drinks on the table, it is a dead ball.
-If the ball hits cups still in play and lands in another cup in play, that counts as the hit cup.
-A ball that bounces off a cup still in play may be grabbed or swatted away before it lands.

-There is not an elbow rule. This means you can lean over the table as much as you want. The only restrictions are you can’t go past the halfway mark of the table and your body can’t move or touch your own cups or the table when you shoot. Both feet must be touching the ground when you shoot.

-There are no special or party rules. There is no "heating up" or "fire", no "island" calls, no "fingering" or "blowing" the balls out of cups, no behind the back shots, and no "deathcup".
-If a player knocks over and spills their own cups, those spilled cups are removed from the game.
-Players must stay on their team's half of the table.

-Respectful distractions are allowed, but not over the cups or table.



-Cup reracks are automatic at six, three, and one. The racks are triangle, triangle, center the last cup respectively. The rerack is automatic and happens even in the middle of a team’s shots. It is the shooting team’s responsibility to not shoot until their cups are reracked. Follow the racks diagram below.





Rebuttal and Overtime

-When one team hits the last cup, the other team has a chance at a rebuttal. The teammates shooting for their rebuttal must alternate shots. The number of times they can miss shots during the rebuttal is dependent on which shot the last cup was hit with. If the last cup was hit with the first shot, then during the rebuttal you can’t miss a shot. If one of the teammates misses before all the cups have been hit, the game is over. If the last cup was hit with the second or third shot, then during the rebuttal you can only miss one shot. If one of the teammates misses, if that team misses again the game is over.

-If all cups are hit during a rebuttal, the game goes into overtime. In overtime, each team sets up a three cup triangle. The team that hit the last cup in regulation first shoots first in overtime. When the last cup is hit in overtime, the game goes into another rebuttal situation.



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