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The goal of Pro Beer Sports™ is to remove the "party game" stigma from drinking games by standardizing the rules and treating the games as an official sport. We want people to feel the thrill of victory felt by their favorite pro athletes, but with less running and more drinking. Our games and rules have been play tested and perfected for years to ensure simplicity, fairness, and maximum fun.


We are the official sponsor of the Beerlympics™. An annual event where the best Beer Gamers in the world come together to play in a gauntlet of Beer Sport tournaments. Teams of four or five represent their country and compete for the $1500 in cash prizes and to bring the Beerlympics Championship home!


We've hosted games and tournaments at bars, festivals, parties, tailgates, and events of all kinds. If you'd like to find out how your venue or event can become an official Pro Beer Sports host, check out the Services tab or use the Contact Us section below!



Not just drinking games anymore.


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